dezzabrown – update + plea

14 Sep

If you were reading this blog late last night and don’t have the memory of a goldfish, or if you’re reading this blog now and know how to scroll down, you’ll know that 20 or so hours ago I predicted next Wednesdays lottery balls using what I believe to be Derren Browns winning lottery system. Anyhow, Dave at work told me he’s going to run with them numbers on Wednesday. I also am going to run with them numbers.

I also read that, because the lottery was won on Saturday, the jackpot’s only £2.4 odd million, so when the numbers come out right (it’s a good system) me and Dave will be millionaires.

However, according to economic theory, in projected real terms £1.2 million, in years to come, will be enough to buy a Mars Bar and a box of cheapy cheap fags. Imagine how bad it would be if the jackpot was split 3 or even 4 ways? I couldn’t even get Somerfield “Makes Sense” Cider for that sort of money. Guys, I don’t want to die a poor tramp, so help a chum out and do not play Wednesdays all important numbers, that can be found in the previous post.

Many Thanks.


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