What the brew giveth…

12 Apr

Good news everyone!

The internet’s favourite jobseeker has, fingers crossed, got himself back in the workplace. Having fired off a million and one applications, my phone finally rang earlier today with the offer of some work at the end of this week, for 2 days, followed by the possibility of more work next month.

Now, I’m not going to tell someone to get lost for the sake of 2 days work. Firstly, every penny counts as far as I’m concerned, and secondly, the worst thing about being unemployed is sitting in the house doing sweet FA; doing a job for two days will at least give me something to do other than pissing about on the internet.

So, being the fine, upstanding citizen that I am, I popped down to the Job Centre to let them know that I had agreed to do some work for two days.
“Hmm…” said the gentleman at the welcome point. “…that’s 16 hours”. Razor sharp.
“So, do I need to let anyone upstairs know?” I asked. Upstairs at the job centre is where the signing-on happens, and all benefit related queries are looked at.
“No”, came the reply, “just let them know the next time you sign on. 16 hours…”.
I could tell that the next words out of his mouth were going to be benefits related.
“…of course, depending on how much you earn, you may not get benefits for that fortnight…”

With that, I thanked him for the information and left. Now, I can only hope that he said that thinking I was due to earn a small fortune in a couple of days. He may have imagined that I was a locum, or an IT contractor, or a freelance lawyer, in which case 15 hours work would probably pay me the same as over a weeks work at the old place. However, the job I’ve agreed to pays £6.25 to £6.75 an hour, less any tax/NI. Assuming that 15 hours of work would not be taxed, that’s £93.75-£101.25 I could earn. However, by doing so, the gentleman says I may lose a fortnights benefit, which is £135.00 JSA and approximately £140 Housing Benefit.

Or, if you would prefer the short version,

If I choose to work for £93.75, I could lose £275.

Now, this is only conjecture on my part, so please do not take this as fact, let alone gospel. However, it would have been nice if more details had been made available to me. I’ve now committed myself to taking a job, and I’ve no idea whether or not I’ll see any money from it.

Fun, fun, fun.


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