Public Service Announcement #1

10 Jun

To the gentleman or lady who found this blog by searching for “where to buy Koka Cup noodles in Glasgow”, the answer is: “more places than you’d think”.

Nabbed off Flickr under Creative Commons License, lawyery types!

The cows are happy because they know they've been turned into a tasty midnight snack

They are pretty ubiquitous, and cost around about 79p. Don’t pay any more than that. Try your local friendly corner shop, and if you don’t have any luck there, go to the next one until you do; it honestly won’t take all that long.

Places that I can vouch for include the 24 hour shop on Dumbarton Road next to the Post Office, the Spar on Great Western Road by Hillhead Street, and the big shop with the Irn-Bru sign next to the Bothy bar in Cessnock. The Dumbarton Road store, however, is the only place I know that does the “Spicy Shrimp” (Tom Yam) cup noodle with any regularity, and as any fool know, that’s the best flavour by a country mile.


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