Public Service Announcement #2

11 Jun

Another question! This time, someone using Google, Bing, Hotbot or whoever want to know the answer to this gem:

“is it possible to get pissed from morrisons value bitter[?]”

I drank all of these. ALL OF THEM. I am a machine.Well good news, buddy! Just over a year ago, I got bored and thought I'd try it out for myself.

As you can see from the photo, I drank four cans of Morrison’s Value Bitter, and four cans of the Value Lager.
I was fairly tipsy after knocking back two of each within the space of 45 minutes. However, as is the problem with 2% beers, every subsequent can I drank actually made me more sober. A false economy, I decided.
If you want to read more, dear reader, you can do that simply by doing a click on this here link: —–> Morrison’s Value Booze Challenge #1

If you want to get pissed on a budget, I throughly recommend Sainsbury’s Basics Cider. Cheap, no distinguishable taste yet relatively inoffensive, and it’s £1.35 a bottle.

Do YOU have a query? Are you at your wits end? Why not ask via the power of Google search? Of course, I cannot guarantee that your search will generate a link to this hub of mediocrity, but you can try! All successful searches that are recorded by WordPress stats in the form of a question WILL BE ANSWERED*. Challenge… continue!

*offer valid for a limited time only. Terms and Conditions may apply. Offer may be withdrawn at any time, such as when I get bored of doing these.


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