First Annual Review

3 Mar

Hello readers. Two years ago this week, I attempted, unsuccessfully, to kill myself, as a result of a number of factors; unemployment, unhappiness with life in general, and the fact that at that point, I did not think life could get any better. Luckily for me, it did – either by luck or judgement, and I was able to post an update last year to that effect – that I was effectively content with life. It is for this reason that I have decided to review where I am in life at the end of every February/early March, with the intention of being able to gauge where I am, and hopefully avoid a repeat.

Life is going alright at the moment. It could be a lot be lot worse, and I am certainly in a far better place than I was two years ago. I have decided to split this into four sections: Work, friendships, family, and hope.


Well, compared with two years ago, I am happy enough in my work. I now work with people of roughly my own age again, the job is tolerable, and I can survive on what I’m paid. This said, compared with last year, it is a huge step back, and I would like to continue the forward momentum I had built up at some stage. 


Well, I don’t honestly see a difference really in the last two, or indeed several years really. I am fond of a lot of people, just as I hope they are fond of me, but I am not particularly close to anyone. This does seem to be a continuing frustration in my life. I hope this gets better. Love-live is still zero, and sadly I forecast that to be the same over the coming year.


Compared with a few years ago, my relationship with my own family has improved slightly; though with the exception of my mother, I don’t really speak to them all that often. In fact, the primary communication tool these days seems to be game requests on Facebook games. This is a definite area for improvement in 2013.


Unfortunately, this is the one area which scores particularly badly; unfortunately, having considered all things, I see last year as a bit of luck coming my way for once; sadly, I see my general trajectory heading south.


Sadly, I am forced to conclude that, whilst I have no immediate plans to end my own life, the outlook for the next year is negative. I expect to be in a similar job (or worse, or unemployed) for at least the next twelve months. I do not anticipate forming any close bonds with anyone. I do not expect, though I hope, that my relationship with my own family improves.

I hope to be around to present a more positive Second Annual Review in 12 months time.


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