A Brief History of Science

20 Jul

c. 3500 BC – The first known recording of a wheel and axel style device.

c. 700-200 BC – The age of the Greek Philosophers. An era of methodological truth seeking, from which the natural sciences would later be born.

c 150 AD – It is discovered that the Earth is the centre of the universe. Hurrah!

13th Century – we found out why rainbows *really* happen

14th Century – Occam’s Razor – often bastardised to “the simplest solution is the most preferable”, this is the idea that when a phenomenon has two explanations that are equally valid, the shorter one is better.

1543 – it is found that the earlier assumption, that everything revolves around the Earth, is bunkum. Whoops. Rather, the Earth and other planets rotate about the Sun. (other Solar Systems may vary)

1675 – Micro-organisms are observed for the very first time.

1687 – Isaac Newton publishes Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, detailing amongst other things, his theory of universal gravitation. It is unknown when (or, indeed, if) Newton saw an apple fall from a tree leading to a eureka moment.

1751 – Benjamin “Benny-Boy” Franklin discovers that lightning is actually electricity that comes from the sky.

1831 – Michael Faraday discovered that, as well as from the sky, you can get electricity by induction, leading to work later on electromagnets, hence dynamos, and from there generators and power stations.

1859 – Charles Darwin hypothesizes that we are descended from apes, and that rubbish species die out.

1929 – The Big Bang theory for the creation of the universe was devised by top Belgian Georges Lemaitre, who ironically was also a Catholic priest. 

1953 – DNA was invented. That’s right, invented.

1997 – Dolly the Sheep, the worlds first cloned animal, was born (or produced?)

2001 – After only 48 years, the human genome is fully mapped.

2012 – The Higgs-Boson, the so-called “God Particle”, is discovered underneath the Switzerland-Italian border in a pipe.

2013 – I fucking love science on Facebook finally drives me to complete fucking distraction, causing me to set fire to my laptop and throw it out of my window onto a passing bus.


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