Will Vs Hamburger

18 Aug

I’ll be blunt. I hate these new fangled burger joints, and the fact that these gourmet burgers cost about a tenner and are cold by the time you get to eat them. As such, I have recorded a short instructional video on how to make your own burgers at home, for a fraction of the price (about a pound per quarterpounder). Enjoy!

*EDITORS NOTE* Due to technical issues, the video cuts out towards the end. All you need to do is split the big lot of meat into two (or four!) smaller lumps of meat, and then flatten them. Flatteners are available from most good high street retailers for about £79.99 if you don’t have one at home.

Having eaten the burgers now, I can confirm that they were good, but I recommend shallow frying them, as the George Foremanator made them dry and rubbish.


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