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Mini-Cos: Ba ba ba ba baaa

2 Feb

I’m lovin’ it.

That’s right, I’m loving “it”.

It, if you remember, is what we called sex when we were between the ages of roughly 7 to 12. (Age spread may differ depending on location, social class, and dirtyness of young mind).

So McDonald’s slogan basically means, to a young’un, I’m loving sex.

Hang on…

No, of course it doesn’t. That’s absurd. Scratch all of the above from your mind. It’s McDonald’s. There’s no way they could possibly mean that. They sell burgers and chips, not filth and bukkake.

That said, McDonald’s also did THIS ADVERT (thanks, Sky News) where they claim that a “Bob”, in monetary value, is the equivalent of a pound, poond, quid, spondoolick, or 100 pence. They are wrong. A “bob” is a shilling, 5 new pence, 12 old pence, or a twentieth of a British EuroDollar. In essence, they got the meaning of the word WRONG.

And if they got that word wrong, how do we know they haven’t got other words or phrases wrong as well?

“Ba ba ba ba baaa, I’m lovin’ it” just got that little bit more sinister from where I’m sitting.