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minicosmos: concept album number 1

11 Jul

The idea behind this never-to-be-released album is simple, all tracks are named after unfortunate videos that YouTube have seen fit to plug me at the end of an unrelated clip I had just been watching. Here’s the tracklisting:

1) Rubens Barrichello’s Horrific Crash – Imola 1994

A jaunty little number with bossanova undertones

2) Hitler Gets Swine Flu

Poignant, almost Mogwai-esque instrumential.

3) Fox News Anchor has a Freudian Slip

A classic pop number, think Gina G in Eurovision.

4) ANJ and Gorby save Hot Girls from Stalin Zombies

Spoken word.

5) Pot… Kettle… Racist?

Obviously not racist, but will need some heavy heavy guitar in there to drive the point home!

And as all good concept albums go, all of the above tracks are about 12 minutes long, which means no more room for any more tunes. That, and I ran out of amusing youtube links. For reasons I forget (this draft was saved, like, a week ago or something) I couldn’t be bothered to link any of the original videos, but I assure you, they’re real. Google them if you don’t believe me. I reckon the one with Rubens Barrichello might be worth avoiding, mind.

Oh yeah, and this place has a new address for your bookmarks – it’s Snappy huh? Only cost me just over a quid for the year, which is blazin’ and totally cheap. Am also checking out easypeasy on the netbook for the first time since Windows started to annoy me (I mean, how could the system possibly be low on virtual memory when I have gigs of the stuff?). That’s why this post happened. That’s why. Next time, when I actually have something other than bizarre youtube recommendations to share and a slightly better premise, the blog post will be better, dig?

Till whenever that happens kids,